girl-crying-129-resizedWelcome to M.A.R.I.A.S Home page. We are a friendly bunch that offer support and care mainly for groomed victims. We also like to help others who are victim of Sharia law and Radical Islam. We are aware there are over 80 Sharia law courts operating in the UK at this moment in time, this is not counting those operating behind closed doors. We also take great pride in making our country a better place and a safer place to reside in and therefore support our armed forces and ex-veterans many of whom suffer PTSD. They have helped keep this country safe and we owe them our respect.

MARIAS Statement by the house of lords

Starting from the top, you have the “Home” tab. “Home” is just a landing page, “Home” is just a landing page AssignmentHolic.co.uk, where you can read main information about a company before ordering assignment writing services.

The “Forum” is a fully encrypted and anonymous forum for victims to get support anonymously education without ever giving their personal information away, as we fully respect the right to total anonymity. So the forum is fully encrypted to keep personal information secure and fully moderated, where every user is manually activated for security of the victims. There is also a firewall in front of the server to prevent hackers from hacking into the site. Your security is our number one priority. If you do not feel comfortable talking, you can always sign up and have a browse for information in our news section or even just to view things such as art or poetry. The goal of the forum is mainly to support victims but gives people a chance to show their character by offering space to post their creativity; through story writing, art, poems and photography. We are always open to suggestions on what you would like to see on our website. Each and every victim/survivor has their own personal section within the forum that only Toni and H can see. This is a private one-to-one area where no one else on the forum can read or see what is posted, offering the chance to confide or just to have someone willing to take time to chat to, so that you know a support network is out there for you.

We have other tabs along the top, including “Toni’s Blog” which is more of a short biography of herself. Toni is the founder of M.A.R.I.A.S. There are also video blogs and Toni has spent a lot of time posting many video blogs tackling issues to keep things central. We have posted the videos in this section.

“Victim Blogs” are real life accounts of victims. No wording or spelling is corrected to show we have posted the blog as it is written, with no editing, as we believe people need to tell their life in their own words .

“Other Blogs” contains subject matter written by various other people living in the situation we are trying to tackle in the UK, plus people blogging about a situation they have researched into.

“News” is a place to keep us informed as well as a place to prove there is a issue and giving people a chance to see the problems are not going to be ignored, therefore people need not just take our word for it.

The “Art” section contains art posted by victims that have built the courage to post their creative side, to give them a chance to express themselves through many forms of art.

“Map” shows a map of all the places where children/women/male/female have been groomed. Click on “Map” to see how bad the situation has become.

“Help” informs you how to get help and guidance on how to use the forum and “About” explains what M.A.R.I.A.S is about.

Happy browsing and we hope we can offer our support, both practical and emotional, we look forward to getting each and every person.